Why Visit Panama

Panama City at Night

Panama City at Night

Abundant Natural Attractions in Close Proximity.

Panama is a small country that offers modern urban infrastructure, tropical islands, rainforests, cool mountain ranges, and both Caribbean and Pacific beaches. Enjoy activities such as adventure tours, diving, rafting, and kayaking.

Close to the United States

Panama is just a short flight from the United States, and there is direct service from seven major US cities (Los Angeles, Newark, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and Orlando). Flight time from Florida is under three hours.

Friendly Tourist Destination

English is spoken as a second language and the people in panama are among the friendliest in the world. The infrastructure is comparable to the United States and is the best in Central America. Panama is a center of worldwide finance with hundreds of banks and has the second largest free trade zone in the world centered around the Panama canal.

US Dollar as the Currency

There is no need to exchange currency as Panama uses the United States dollar. You will not need to worry about exchanging currency and be left wondering how much you paid for a hotel room or meal.

Vibrant ecotourism

Panama is a narrow land bridge that connects two continents, which endows it with some of the most pristine and bio-diverse rainforests in the world. National parks cover more than 5 million acres, and Panama has 944 recorded bird species, which is more than the U.S. and Canada combined. Unlike other natural destinations Panama is also very accessible, and some of the best locations are less than an hour from Panama City. A local saying that while in other countries you have 20 tourists looking at one bird, in Panama you have one tourist looking at 20 birds.

World-class Adventure Tourism, Fishing, Diving, Snorkeling and Sailing

The cycle of rain that keeps boats moving through the Panama canal is also a rich source of rivers for rafting, kayaking and motorized river boats. There are rivers in Panama where you can experiences more than twenty sets of rapids in one afternoon. Canyoning, trekking, rappelling and surfing offer similar experiences for the adventure seeker. One place in Panama, Pinas Bay, holds 170 world fishing records. Diving areas include Coiba National Marine Park, the Pearl Islands, and Bocas Del Toro archipelago.

First-World Infrastructure

Panama has a first world infrastructure including a capital city similar to the United States with high speed Internet, hotels, restaurants and shopping. The highway infrastructure, medical care, telecommunications and business services are also comparable to the United States.

Hurricane Free

Panama is situated south of the hurricane track.

Economically and Politically Sound

The national economic performance in Panama is almost every year better than just about every other country in Latin America . The cost of living is incredibly stable as during the past 40 years the national inflation rate has averaged less than 2% per year.

Modern and Successful Offshore Bank Haven

Panama is perhaps the second largest in the world after Switzerland for offshore banking as there are more than 120 banks from 35 countries, including Citibank, HSBC, Dresdner, Bank of Tokyo, Bank of Boston, and International Commercial Bank of China.

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