Looking for a cheaper place to live ?

After a lifetime in Northern California, doing what was expected of us, We “broke the rules” and moved to the country of Panama. We now are  loving the sun and the slower pace.  When we visit with friends on our back patio at sunset, sipping margaritas and watching the large waves break on the sandy beach, it’s hard to feel guilty.  Couldn’t have thought about this, in California.

And we are not  the only ones pleased to have opted out of “life as usual,” back home…and now we have plenty of company and more are coming each year.

When we “traded up” to this new life in Panama, my annual property tax dropped from $6,000 to almost $0*. (for 20 years)  Health-insurance premium is less than $1000… a year.  I struggled to get by in California on a six-figure-plus income, yet here I live comfortably on less than $2000 a month.

We just opened our Penthouse in Panama City, for a rental plan for individuals that visit Panama for vacations. We have also a beach home and a condo on the beach that we list on for short term rentals. is our web site to check out all of our properties for sale and for rent in Panama.

There are challenges, to be sure. But we’re loving the adventure… “After years of ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda,” we took the plunge and are glad we did.”

If you have dreams of living abroad—maybe full-time, maybe just a few weeks or months a year—you should know: It’s a lot easier—and more affordable—than you may think to make your dream a reality.

We have taken advantage of good-value properties, affordable living, great tax incentives, many mandated discounts for retires, fabulous travel opportunities and just an all around cheaper way to live our lives with same amentias at a much lower cost.

Check out the many advantages of living in Panama on other links on this web site.

*taxes still apply on the land

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