New Authority Created To Manage Garbage Collection Panama City

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Wednesday, June 16 2010 @ 09:14 AM EDT
New Authority Created To Manage Garbage Collection
Saturday, May 29 2010 @ 07:52 AM EDT

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The Executive branch of government – at a national level – has decided to create the Authority of Urban and Household Cleanliness as a solution to the garbage collection crisis in Panama City. This was confirmed yesterday by a source at the Presidency of the Republic who also revealed that the decision was adopted during the last meeting of the Cabinet, on Wednesday. Thus, the collection service and residential municipal waste, a task that until now has been managed by Panama City Mayor Bosco Vallarino, will now be in the hands of an authority that will be attached to the national level Executive, president Martinelli. The proposal, which will be presented to the National Assembly through a new draft law, was born in the high-level commission convened by the Executive last April to resolve the problem. His decision, the source said, was taken due to the financial and operational crisis facing the Municipal Department of Urban and Household Cleaning (DIMAUD). In 2009, the municipal government of the capital city allocated a budget of $29 million dollars to the DIMAUD, but closed the period with an expenditure of $34 million. Just in manpower the Dimaud spent $18 million dollars in 2009. For 2010 it is estimated Dimaud will have a deficit of about $8 million dollars, but in view of the announcement by Mayor Vallarino of the purchase of 52 new garbage trucks at a cost of $8 million dollars, the total deficit for the year would amount to $16 million dollars. Vallarino pushed for the purchase of the 52 trucks even though the Executive recently paid for the repair of 38 garbage trucks that were purchased in 2008 and 2009 that were not operating due to a lack of parts. Under the proposal, the new Authority would be able to intervene in any other city that faces a financial and operational crisis for the provision of collection services. However, in a first stage the Authority will only be responsible to handle garbage collection in the capital city. (La Prensa)

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