cell phones for government workers ?

New Cell Phone Executive Order Draws Criticism
Monday, June 21 2010 @ 12:51 PM EDT

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A new Executive Order allows for free cell phone service to the Directors, Sub Directors, security personnel, assistants, and even the secretaries of all government ministers. This same benefit was also extended to the Directors and Deputy Directors of all of the decentralized entities – meaning all state agencies. Some Deputies to the National Assembly repudiated the executive order, and they consider it to be an insult to the citizens of the country who live mired in social and economic problems, while some economists call the selective benefit wasteful. Despite the criticism, the Minister of Economy, Alberto Vallarino, defended the Executive Order saying that cell phones are a tool they use to govern. The minimum value of a cell phone contract is $19.95, so this figure would be multiplied by each officer who is now entitled to free cell service, totaling thousands of dollars monthly. (TVN Noticias)

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