Investments in Panama continue to rise

More Than $1.1 Billion in New Foreign Direct Investment in Panama In First Half of 2010
Monday, June 21 2010 @ 11:56 AM EDT

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So far this year, according to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, companies have invested approximately $1.1 billion dollars to open new businesses in Panama. According to data supplied by the Panama Emprende website, this number far exceeds the $365 million dollars invested during the same period of time last year. Most of the growth and investment has occurred in the area of Panama City, where investors have spent approximately $868 million dollars to open new businesses in just the first six months of 2010. (La Estrella) The area in Playa Barqueta beach area has see some growth also with new homes being builded on this 18 km of beach. One of few places with title beach front property still for sale at realitive cheap prices compaired to other areas.
Editor’s Comment: Almost all of the business and economic news for Panama is good. I almost never see a negative numbers story from any sector. The good news just keeps pouring in. The government of Panama is now being run as a business, and business is good. Foreign Direct Investment is the “best kind” of money for an economy and it really spurs all kinds of other growth because it’s “new” money being pumped into an economy. The positive social and economic affects are exponential in a small playing field like Panama because it’s a relatively tiny economy (comparatively speaking) spread among a relatively small population.

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