Stem Cell Free For All in Panama

Stem Cell Free For All in Panama ??? Why The Hell Not?
Friday, July 02 2010 @ 10:45 AM EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

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By DON WINNER for – Received the following this morning via email: “Hi, Don. (snip) here. I recently heard from an acquaintance that a local SPA is considering providing stem cell procedure services. The SPA in mention is Alta Vita Spa, located in San Francisco (Calle de El Espiritu Santo, up the street from Keoceramita (sp)). If you decide to look into this, please keep my name outta this. best wishes to you and your family. p.”
Sure! Why The Hell Not? Since adult stem cell treatments are apparently totally unregulated in Panama, any whack job with a syringe can jab it into your body and call it a “treatment” – right? Welcome to the Panama-Guide Stem Cell Treatment Facility. Just sign your check, close your eyes, click your heels together three times, and say “there’s no place like Nome, there’s no place like Nome…” Then bend over, because here it comes again. I’ll be RICH – I tell you – RICH! Oh yeah, we will have to hire people to walk around in white coats, find some dude willing to call himself a “Doctor”, pay some bribes so that nobody screws with us, and throw up a website. We should be fully operational by, let’s say, is 4:00 pm OK with you? We can “treat” whatever ails you – guaranteed. Notice we didn’t say “cure” so if it doesn’t work, you’re screwed (not us.) By the time you get around to figuring that out, you’ll already be dead due to your incurable disease, and I’ll be spending your hard earned dollars in the Caribbean somewhere. Sounds like a great plan… Who’s first?

On A Serious Note: HEY! Health Minister in Panama! Wake The Hell Up!

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