checklist for accidents in panama

Robert Boyd says:
August 22, 2009 at 8:26 am
I have been involved in many serious and not so serious accidents here in the Republic of Panama over the years, some my fault and some the other guys and although I didn’t have the patience to read through the whole thing, I think there are a few, and maybe more, things that should be mentioned:

1. If you are driving with an extranjero drivers
license and have been in Panama for more than 90
days, you are considered to have no license at all.
Without a license, you are automatially at fault
no matter how the accident went down.I believe
the same goes for any expired license, no matter
what country.

2. At the bottom of the accident report are two tear
coupons; there is an unwritten understanding among
transito officers, that after they have done their
initial study of the accident scene, that they make
a first judgement as to who was at fault and who
wasn’t by giving the right coupon to who they think
is the innocent party and the left half to who they
think is at fault. There is no arguing with them
about this, the only way to be beat it is whoever
spins the best scenario to the investigating

3. If it is a relatively minor accident or an accident
where both vehicles are still drive-able,you and
other party may be able to come to an agreement
about who was at fault and one or the other agee
to pay the damages. Or, the damage may be so minor
that you can agree on a repair fee on the spot

In this case, you should getthe opposing drivers:

a. Cedula number
b. telephone number
c. drivers licese number (usually same as cedula)

Take pictures of the damage so that the opposing driver doesn’t try and have more repairs than necessary done at your expense.

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