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Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:57 am (PDT)

Forget the notarization. Get everything apostilled.

These are the documents:

1. Original letter of pension from the company paying him the
private retirement pension. This letter must state that the
pension is coming from a private plan set for all the
employees of said company and is a life time pension. If the
pension is only going to be paid for certain amount of years
and not lifetime, it does not quality for the pensioner
program. This letter must be notarized and then legalized by
the Consulate of Panama or Apostille.

2. Certificate of Incorporation of the Company paying the
pension. This document in issued by the Secretary of State of
the State where the company was incorporated and will indicate
under which laws it was incorporated and that is still valid,
and operating.

3. Bank letter certifying that this pension is being
deposited direclty into his account and the amount. The
letter must be notarized by a bank officer or a Public Notary
and then legalized by the Consulate of Panama or Apostille.

4. Copy of bank statement showing directo deposit of this
pension. No need to legalize it.

5. Copy of bank statement showing current balance in your
account. No need to legalize it.

6. Original marriage certificate

7. Original police records. Must be of
recent obtainment (within one year from the date of
presentation of the application in Panama).

8. 6 Id size photos for each person (you and your spouse.

9. Valid passports with a min, validity of 6 months prior to
the presentation of the visas.

All the documents mentioned above, with the exception of the
passports and the copies of the bank statements must be
legalized by the Consulate of Panama or apostille.

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