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Searching For Properties “Owned” by Wild Bill in Panama

Monday, August 02 2010 @ 11:30 AM EDT
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The investigations against William Dathan Holbert, “Wild Bill” now move to another stage, he committed his crimes with the ambition of taking over land and property, that allowed him to have a recognized status as a major businessman in Bocas del Toro. The investigations being conducted by the Deputy Attorney General are now directed towards obtaining information from the Public Registry and the office of Agrarian Reform, to identify and confirm all property supposedly “owned” by “Wild Bill” and to determine exactly how those transfers occurred. Among the companies to be reviewed include Latitudes 9.10, which owns 16 hectares of land in the area of Aguacate, which allowed the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA) to issue a certificate of agricultural production.
This week prosecutor Angel Calderon will travel to the scene of the crimes, where “Wild Bill” killed and buried five North American victims behind the house he “owns” in Tierra Oscura in the area of Aguacate in an area adjacent to the Villa hostel Cortez. “We do not think we will take him to the scene,” for this proceeding, said Calderon. “What we want to know first is where are the remains of the other missing persons,” including Michael Francis Salem (also known as Michael Watson Brown), his wife Manchittha Nankratoke (with a passport from the Netherlands number M18119733), their 18 year old son Watson Brown, Bo Icelar, and Cheryl Lynn Hughes.

“Wild Bill” will be taken this week to the Institute of Legal Medicine (IMEL), where a team of forensic specialists will analyze his psychiatric and psychological status, and health. On the participation of Laura Michelle Reese, the prosecutor has not ruled her out as an accomplice of “Wild Bill”, however, they must first determine her relationship to these crimes and evaluate her participation. Both Americans have been charged with the crime of homicide at the expense of 5 people and are being held in the cells of the Judicial Investigation Department. It was also learned “Wild Bill” held parties in Bocas del Toro and even had a social club. An ad for one of their parties was published on the Panama Guide website.

EXCAVATIONS – These pages of terror written in Bocas del Toro will continue today when it is expected that investigators will locate the remains of the Brown family. Watston Michael Brown once told Próspero Pineda, from whom he bought the land where he built a hostel, that he had found a place where he wanted to build a home and live in peace with his family. In the case of Mrs. Cheryl Lynn Hughes, she had two hostels on Carenero island, two houses and a warehouse on Isla Mono, and another building on a neighboring island. Cheryl, despite being separated from her husband Keith Werle, kept a lot of communication. She never left her dog Jack or her little white-faced monkey. In the case of the dog, it is reported he was instrumental in locating his owner’s body. Jack insisted on swimming from Isla Mono to Aguacate and walked to the trash pit where her grave was discovered. The monkey remains in his cage, just waiting for his owner to come to feed him. Her husband Keith yesterday walked in silence near the land where she was buried. He stood helplessly next to the wire fence, about 50 meters from the house and 400 meters from where she was buried. Regarding Bo Icelar had a house on Isla Colon, which was advertised for sale in The Bocas Breeze in April this year. (La Critica)

Editor’s Comment: Rehash, not much new. I wonder why La Critica is reporting on an interview Keith gave to Ivan Donoso for TVN on Saturday morning? Whatever. This is just an example of what’s going out in the local press, for what it’s worth. The one thing that caught my eye. Is it true that Bo Icelar’s property was advertised for sale in the Bocas Breeze in April of 2010? If so, then that was being done by William Holbert, because Bo Icelar was killed on 30 November 2009. I suspect La Critica might have gotten it wrong, and the property was actually advertised in April 2009 by Bo – that would make sense.

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