Get it Fixed in Panama – Repairs, Remodeling, Electrical, Plumbing, Cabinets and Wood, Installations, Ceramic Tiles, Roofs

Get it Fixed in Panama – Repairs, Remodeling, Electrical, Plumbing, Cabinets and Wood, Installations, Ceramic Tiles, Roofs

Saturday, June 19 2010 @ 10:58 AM EDT
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By DON WINNER for – I’ve been living in Panama now for more than 23 years and during that time I’ve completed dozens of home repair and remodeling jobs. I have developed a cadre of excellent home repair and construction workers capable of fixing most of the things that go wrong around your home. We can handle just about anything in a home or apartment in the area of Panama City, to include general repairs and maintenance as well as remodeling projects and builds. Here is a partial list of the work we can do for you;
Ceramic Floor and Wall Tiles: Removal of old, ugly, and chipped ceramic tiles. Replacement and installation of new tiles and grout in bathrooms, kitchens, and floors.

Residential Electrical: Things such as the installation or replacement of lamps and light switches, electrical outlets, ceiling fans, dimmers, and rewiring or upgrading circuits from the panel for areas of your home or apartment that might need a greater capacity.

Plumbing: Leaks in sinks and faucets, replacement or installation of fixtures in bathrooms and kitchen, replacement and installation of sinks and toilets, general residential plumbing.

Wood and Cabinets: Light repairs of existing doors for things like a door that “drags” on the floor, repair or replacement of door jams and frames, installation or upgrades of locks and doorknobs. Tear down and removal of old cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms, installation of new units. Installation and repair of wood in closets, doors, etc.

Painting and Wall Treatments: Resurfacing of walls, sanded down smooth, sealed, primed, and painted professionally. Meticulous cleanup after all jobs. Sealants or other specialized treatments applied when and where necessary.

Roofs and Leaks: We have a roof and leak repair specialist. We will find and fix any leak in any roof, guaranteed.
Materials Plus Labor: We will visit your home and conduct an initial inspection and evaluation of the work you want done, take measurements, take some photos, and use that information to develop an estimate which will include details for both materials and labor costs. The homeowner will pay the exact cost of materials used for the job (not a dime more) and all receipts will be provided for independent verification if desired. The labor cost for the work to be done will be agreed upon before work starts – no surprises or “jacking” the price later once work has started. Our prices are reasonable and on the local Panama standard, but with the added safety and security of oversight for quality, compliance, administration, and management.

On Time, On Target: We emphasize following through and simply doing what we say we will do. In Panama some unscrupulous people in the construction industry will promise the world in order to get the contract, but then they don’t complete the work, do a shoddy job, or leave it half done and abandon the project, leaving the homeowner to clean up the mess. These are exactly the things that would drive me crazy when I was the guy trying to get the work done. I insist that my workers show up on time, as promised. We will haul away all debris, scrap materials, etc.

Specialists As Required: If our guys can’t do it, then we will bring in the right person to get the job done for you professionally. If your project needs an air conditioning technician, for example, we will get the guy and have the job done for you as part of the larger project.

“Get It Fixed” in Panama: Chances are good that sooner or later some little thing will break around your home. Or, you might want to do some kind of a larger repair or remodeling project. If so, please contact us via email at or give us a call at 6614-0451, and “Get It Fixed” now.

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