ITS ABOUT TIME ! “Corrupt Officials Will Go To Jail” – Martinelli

“Corrupt Officials Will Go To Jail” – Martinelli

Thursday, August 26 2010 @ 08:49 AM EDT
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Panama’s president Ricardo Martinelli said yesterday that anyone who commits acts of corruption in his administration will go to jail, referring to the complaint lodged by the company La Reserva against the officers of the National Environmental Authority (ANAM). “He who takes something is going to jail,” Martinelli said after announcing that ANAM’s Administrator and Deputy Administrator will be submitted to lie detector tests. The first to be cited for this test yesterday was the advisor who has been fired form the ANAM, Francisco Garzón, who has been accused by the company of having asked for money (bribe) in return for the approval of and environmental impact study.
Garzón refused to take the polygraph exam, but voluntarily told his version of events to two officials of the Presidency of the Republic, during which he denied having asked the company for money, has he has been accused. “For the first time they have heard my complete version at the presidential level. I do not understand why they say that I asked for money, because I don’t have anything to do with their paperwork,” Garzon said whenh leaving the Palace of the Herons. The consultant also attacked the company La Reserva and maintains that their allegations were only a method to extort the ANAM so that their environmental impact studies would be approved. and the proof is that one of those documents was approved last Friday.

The manager of the Anam, Javier Arias, said the lie detector tests are being done based on a request he made directly to Martinelli. He also clarified that it was he who asked for help, for this case, from the team that supports the National Council of Transparency Against Corruption. Arias even presented a letter in which the ANAM communicates to those people who are responsible for conducting a preliminary management review, to clarify a possible act of corruption by ANAM officials for the approval of an environmental impact study for a residential project. (La Prensa)

Editor’s Comment: Polygraphs? That works for me. Yesterday I took a phone call from a person who is fed up with local, low level corruption in Bocas del Toro over things like permits and noise violations for bars because it drives tourists away from their hotel and reducing the value of their property. It’s very hard to identify, prove, and clean up governmental corruption anywhere. In this case it was happening in Panama City at the headquarters of the ANAM, and the investigation is making national headlines. The government has limited resources to investigate these things and Bocas is at the end of the supply chain for many things, including justice.

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