Cleaning up corruptions

Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime Calls For Corruption Trial Of Former President Perez Balladares

Saturday, October 09 2010 @ 09:40 AM EDT
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Panama’s Special Prosecutor for Office Organized Crime has asked the judicial system to hold a trial against former president Ernesto Perez Balladares and ten other defendants, people who are close to his inner circle, indicted for allegedly committing the crime of money laundering. The prosecutor Jose Ayu Prado, through his “prosecutor’s opinion” sent last Wednesday to the Ninth Criminal Court also requested trials for the former Minister of Housing Roosevelt Thayer, the former private assistant to the former president Romulo Abad, as well as for Ricardo Caputo, Carlos González, Vicente Calderón y Henry Mon Woo. The prosecutor also asked for criminal trials to be held against Adelio Green, Jaime Espino, Seide-th Ortíz and Jenipher Espino.
Meanwhile, the prosecutor asked for the provisional dismissal of charges against the private secretary of Pérez Balladares, Eyda Achón Quesada, as well as for Thomas Gonzalez de la Barrera and James David Tobiasson.

The Public Ministry began this investigation after a series of investigative reports published this year in La Prensa uncovered the links between Perez Balladares with the gambling company Lucky Games S.A., which was awarded a free and direct concession to operate “mini casinos” with slot machines by the administration of Perez Balladares in 1996. That company then consistently deposited money into a bank account held by the company Shelf Holding Inc., which is controlled by Perez Balladares.

Luis Carlos Cabezas, a defense lawyer for the former president, said this case is a “personal whim” of the prosecutor Ayu Prado to try to prosecute his client, like a kind of trophy. (La Prensa)

Editor’s Comment: Has this ever happened before in the history of the Republic of Panama? It might be a first…

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  1. James Tobiasson says:

    My involvement in this case was fictitious!
    Near 2000 I received, in payments, each supported by invoices ( of which were not all paid!
    All these payments were for equipment and labor for a new 2000 Viking Sport Fishing Yacht where I installed navigation electronics; satellite antenna video and sound equipment; engine/ Generator repairs and maintenance; basically all repairs and maintenance until I closed my company Yacht Services Inc, Panama
    There were no unacceptable funds paid that I could have laundered and returned, used or anything else; to the contrary; due to overload on my part, the Invoice for maintenance for about 6 months was delayed, never accepted or paid
    In addition, in the time I knew him I never observed or even suspected anything incorrect, illegal, or even shady; I found him very intelligent and totally correct!
    The finding for me was that I wasn’t involved in any wrongdoing whatsoever and request my name be removed from this file and title
    James David Tobiasson

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