Richard D. Cover Jr arrested in Belize Reporting Bites Richard D. Cover Jr. Right In The Ass

Wednesday, October 20 2010 @ 12:46 PM EDT
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Richard D. Cover Jr., and his accomplice (wife) Melany Hilda Rios Gonzalez
By DON WINNER for – Man, I love it when a plan comes together. As it turns out, some (wonderful) English speaking expatriate living in Belize recognized Richard D. Cover Jr. from the information and photos I had published on this website. The serial scam artist Richard D. Cover Jr. used the alias “RJ Erwin” while he was in the Republic of Panama, and “Ricardo Caveras” in Belize. Reportedly, someone recognized him in Belize and contacted Detective Shane Hearn from the Lower Southampton Police Department in Pennsylvania, who is responsible for the investigation into crimes Richard Cover committed there.
Contacted The Police in Pennsylvania: I spoke to Detective Hearn last year on 5 August 2009, when I was doing my original investigation into the crimes Richard D. Cover Jr. committed in Panama. I would like to think, and have yet to confirm, that the source of the tip in Belize knew to call Detective Hearn in the Lower Southampton Police department because of my reporting. More likely, the source of the tip probably recognized him from the photos of Richard D. Cover Jr. and his wife that I published on this website as well. Detective Hearn reported the information provided in the tip directly to the FBI, to let them know he had new intelligence information on the current location and whereabouts of the wanted fugitive from justice, Richard D. Cover Jr. (more)

Contacted By The FBI: On Monday morning, 18 October 2010, I was contacted by a Special Agent from the FBI’s office in Philadelphia. The SA told me he had new information on the location of Richard D. Cover Jr., that Cover was supposedly “in South America” and that he had seen my reporting on the case and his activities in Panama. Of course I gave him all of the information and background that I had and offered to help in any way. I also described how Richard D. Cover Jr. used my good name as part of the crimes he committed in the Republic of Panama, so that if there was anything at all that I could do to help the investigation, I would be more than happy to assist. Yesterday afternoon I received a flurry of email from Belize, informing me of the article which appeared on the about Richard D. Cover Jr.’s arrest. I called the SA again yesterday afternoon when I heard the news, and he confirmed that Cover had been arrested. He explained to me that the Legal Attaché office in the US Embassy in El Salvador is responsible for “covering” Belize. So, the LEGAT in El Salvador coordinated with his contacts in Belize, and the local Belizean law enforcement officials went to where he was and slapped the cuffs on him. The arrest of Richard D. Cover Jr. came as a direct result of the tip provided to Detective Hearn in the Lower Southampton police department, from the source in Belize.

To Be Clear: It appears the reports and photos of Richard D. Cover Jr. published on directly resulted in his arrest and capture. In other words – payback’s a bitch. Remember, this is the guy who used my good name to defraud members of the English speaking expatriate community in Panama out of tens of thousands of dollars. For me, the news of Cover’s arrest was particularly sweet. Without a doubt, it’s a wonderful turn of events, and “poetic justice” that my reporting could have somehow played a role in eventual arrest, more than a year after the split from Panama. I simply love the idea that his decision to use my name as a part of his scam would turn around to bite him in his scrawny little ass. I don’t know who it is yet, but I owe someone a beer in Belize. More like a dozen. Thank you, very much. Well done. It feels like Christmas in October. Now, it’s time for me to carve another notch into the side of my computer monitor. Another member of the Rogue’s Gallery bites the dust.

What Happens Now? From what I understand Richard D. Cover Jr. will be extradited back to the United States in relatively short order. Reportedly, he’s going to try to fight extradition on the grounds that his mother is supposedly from Belize. I also understand there are charges pending against Richard D. Cover Jr. in Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize, as well as the United States. So, he will probably be extradited to the United States first, and once he’s done serving his ten to fifteen years in prison (or whatever he gets there) then he might get sent back to those three countries in turn to do some quality prison time in the third world. Now, won’t that be fun? I got you, you son of a bitch… I wrote another recent follow up on 18 May 2010 in which I described him as “circling the bowl towards his inevitable end”. Can you tell that I’m happy about the way things worked out?

What About His (Wife) Accomplice? When he lived in Panama, Joseph D. Cover Jr. married Melany Hilda Rios Gonzalez and the two of them now have a nine month old child. Make no mistake about it – Melany Hilda Rios Gonzalez (aka Melany Cover, Melany Erwin, Melany Cabreras) was fully aware of Cover’s crimes to defraud expatriates out of thousands of dollars in Panama. She will of course claim to be ignorant of his activities, but she’s lying. The information I have from sources close to the crimes committed here in Panama indicates she was an active and knowing participant, and she is probably just as guilty as he is.

Copyright 2010 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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3 Responses to “Richard D. Cover Jr arrested in Belize”

  1. jake says:

    I know him well, never could trust him. He tried very hard to get me to invest in his day care scam, luckily i read him well.
    his family here is in denial. he is an artist without morals.

  2. flaco says:

    Whatever happened to the wife, Melany?

  3. Marisela says:

    Now he is living in Levittown, PA and remarried (Richard D Cover) and up to his scams again

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