Trump Panama fire sale alert

Trump Panama fire sale alert

Friday, October 22 2010 @ 03:00 PM EDT
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In the market there are winners and losers. June 2006: Times are good, real estate speculation is paying off big as most markets show guaranteed appreciation. Credit is easy, and places like Panama are a feeding frenzy for get-rich-quick investors who are being promised massive returns and easy “flips”.
October 2010: Times have changed, and so have the opportunities. Occupancy permits for Trump Ocean Club Panama will be delivered in less than a month, according to official publications from Trump Ocean Club, and investors are starting to feel the crunch. Gone are the days of ready buyers eagerly snatching up resales. Reality is setting in, and sellers are realizing that their time to find a buyer before their balance is due to the developer is getting short.

What does this mean for our clients?

In less than one month, … (more)

… when Trump announces their occupancy permit, the screw tightens one more notch on investors who are not in a position to close on their balance due to the developer. We’ve already seen some amazing deals stemming from panicked sellers, but the best is yet to come.

We want you to be in a position to receive the breaking deals that will no-doubt arise from panicked sellers bidding against each other. [Click here to sign up for our exclusive Trump mailer] , which will include updated links, photos, reports, and most importantly DEALS in Trump Ocean Club. No Spam, just pre-delivery blowouts from distressed sellers and in some cases the developers themselves. We are talking about prices BELOW opening price point. The type of deals that we are contractually not allowed to publish.

Trump Panama Interior Model units are ready And they look amazing

The Hotel in Panama’s Trump Ocean Club will be receiving it’s first guests by January 2011, with the first residents moving in by March. From the looks of things, these units are going to be jaw-dropping! Beautiful marble tiling, top of the line appliances, thick granite counter tops: Everything one would expect from the Trump name. Click here for more Trump Panama images.

Defaults are coming, be patient

Timing is everything

Just published on is an exclusive look at Trump Panama’s Q2 conference call to investors. Included is information on defaults, units sold, and remaining inventory. For a copy of the PDF document in it’s entirety, email us at


We have no doubts that Trump Ocean Club will be the benchmark by which buildings are judged by in Panama. You can see more information on Trump Panama on our website.


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