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Miami Express and Panama Forwarders Inc.

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Miami Express and Panama Forwarders Inc. provide mail and logistics services in the Republic of Panama. With more than 26 years of experience in this market, we think that you will find our company to be the most competitively priced service provider in Panama. We deliver your mail right to your door. If you need to receive larger, heavier, or bulky objects or things like car parts for example, we ship at least one container per week from Miami to Panama. We provide worldwide courier services, covered by our money back guarantee if we don’t deliver at the deadline offered. We also offer PO Box services in Miami with a variety of both personal and business plans and schedules – one of which is sure to meet your needs.
We know it can be a challenge to obtain car parts in Panama sometimes. We offer a specialized service to locate and purchase in the USA any parts for automobiles, trucks, boats, planes, or utility vehicles. At your request our company will inmediatly quote and present to you the best alternatives in order to purchase and ship any part that you might need from the USA, including parts for automoviles made in the USA, Japan, Korea, Spain or Mexico. Our quote will include the shipping charges, brokerage charges, and all other related information regarding your request – with no obligation to buy. If you like our offer you can request the purchase to be made. There is no obligation on your part. This way you can now count with a company that will take care for you of any need you might have to acquire urgent parts in the Continental USA and abroad be it an automobile, truck, boat , plane or any part made in the USA that you need to replace. Don´t let your important assets go to waste when you can have them running like new! (more)

Welcome to Our Company

The beginnings of Miami Express go back to the year 1984 when our company started providing line haul services through an Onboard Courier for the different Courier companies located in Panama and Miami by Sending a passenger on board commercial flights we transported the pouches back and forward every day.

Being our destiny to offer a first class service along with a structured organization, Mrs. Deisa Ho along with two of her sisters formalized this effort in 1988 by opening modest offices in both cities in order to be able to accommodate the growing demand for full cargo services being developed in Panama, which, also required a reliable Door to Door service not only for courier pouches but also for Air and Ocean Cargo. To those services we added, brokerage at destination, warehousing, local messenger, and a P.O. Box in Miami service with guaranteed security and times of deliveries. All of these became the proper alternatives to our current and new coming customers. From that year on, we started little by little acquiring a stronger position in our market, principally, because this has been a family enterprise and we were the very first in the world to create this concept of unifying all these services within one company.

These days we have grown enough to include a warehouse and brokerage services in the Tocumen Airport, warehouse and administrative offices in Miami, offices in the Colon and Free Zone areas, and our headquarters in Panama City. We now count with more than 60 employees and a fleet of transportation equipment, including trucks, motorcycles, vans and cargo lifters.

In Miami we are basically structured as a transshipment operation including a warehouse with available space of 1500 square meters. Through the station in Miami we provide our main office in Panama with their transportation and customer service requirements. We do not serve any other destinations or international agents and only dedicate ourselves to serve our customer base in Panama, this factor alone, allows us to project the image to our clients that they are very important to us and that they can always count with an extreme personalized service when using our company’s services, either when contacting us in Miami or here in Panama, our customers will always feel the importance we give to each and everyone of them.

Our hours of operation are from Monday to Friday from 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM and on Saturday we open from 08:00 to 12:00 noon. Since the year 1999 we have been honored with a membership in the World Cargo Alliance Network (WCA) which consolidates more than 900 first class forwarding agents around the world and including another 800 agents in all of China through the China Global Logistics Network (CGLN), all of these together allows us to serve you around the world for all of your shipping needs. Our membership in these two Networks is represented through our sister company Panama Forwarders, Inc. if you need Ocean or Air services from anywhere in the world you can contact us at were we can now serve you with our usual personalized service.

We hope you now have the needed information to make the right decision and allow us to prove to you that in Panama we represent the most complete and reasonably priced transportation service available in this country.

Panama Forwarders Inc.

Since its conception in the 80’s our company has had clear objectives.

The background of its members and the experience acquired through many projects paved the way for our company to project itself under a philosophy based on strong commercial values, customer service and professional operating standards.

We offer integrated logistic services for exports and imports, merchandise in transit, and our know-how in regards to commercial needs in our area,

Your company can rely on us for the following services:

You can count with a full staff of more than 70 persons, warehouses, and offices in all the important locations in Panama, such as the colon Free Zone, the City of Colon. The city of Panama and the Tocumen Airport including all the structures and road equipment require fully serving you with the efficiency and speeding that your shipment will always require.

Our company has been in business since the year 1989 and our services include:

Air/ocean freight forwarding services.
Pre evaluation of logistic costs.
Door to Door service.
Project Handling.
Dangerous Merchandise handling.
Refrigerated Merchandise.
Custom and Brokerage Services.
Transportation from the airport to any of the ports in Panama for urgent vessels parts in transit through the canal: we have all passes to go inside the ports and the permits to move the merchandize in transit anywhere in the country for 24/7 pick up and delivery.
100% insurance coverage.
Transshipments break bulk and crating to the Caribbean, Central and South Americans areas, done directly in our warehouse at The Colon Free Zone.
Please visit us at:


To: SKYPE: panamaforwardersinc

Tel. (507)226-1155

Fax: 507-270-0030

Ask for Javier Cedeno/Traffic Specialist

Celular (507)6112-8863

Physical address: Via Cincuentenario a dos cuadras de Parrillada Jimmy y Ave 3ra Sur. Edif # 5ª, San Francisco. Ciudad de Panama, Republica de Panama

P.O. Box 0830-01030, Panama, Republica de Panama

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