Panama Tells US to “Pound Sand” On Tax Treaty

Panama Tells US to “Pound Sand” On Tax Treaty (Kinda)

Monday, October 25 2010 @ 06:29 PM EDT
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A treaty on the exchange of information with the United States might serve as a way to start the first phase of a tax treaty, said the Vice Minister of Economy and Finance, Frank De Lima. De Lima said both countries needed to agree that these agreements would benefit them. He added it would depend on U.S. companies operating in Panama to begin talks on a tax treaty, since they could suggest to their government to enter into negotiations. (Panama America)

Frank De Lima

Editor’s Comment: Confused? That’s because this is code and diplo-speak for “pound sand.” The United States is pressuring Panama to enter into negotiations on a tax treaty, and I imagine when Ricardo Martinelli was in Washington recently, he said “sure, we can talk about that.” So in response he sent the Vice Minister of the MEF, Frank De Lima to sit there politely, smile, nod, and listen to what they had to say. The result was this statement – that a treaty on the mutual exchange of INFORMATION might work as a first phase, but only IF both countries can agree it would be mutually beneficial. And of course this administration has been saying since they took over it does not make any sense for Panama to enter into a treaty to exchange information with the United States, because the US doesn’t have any information Panama wants. Therefore – ipso facto – no mutual benefit and therefore no treaty (whisper “pound sand” here.) And then the other thing about US companies pressuring the US government to enter into negotiations is like the asking the sheep to beg the wolf to attack. In other words – that ain’t gonna happen – and De Lima knows it’s not going to happen (so smile, nod, and whisper “pound sand” here, again.) I love diplomacy. It’s the only way to tell someone they can blow (whatever) out their ass with a smile on your face. I could never be a diplomat. Never. I’m way too direct and honest with my speech. I’d start a war or something. Anyway, nothing has changed. Panama will continue to play this game forever.

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