New Metro Bus in Panama city

Metro Bus Manager Downplays The Resignations Of Some Bus Drivers

Thursday, December 30 2010 @ 12:03 PM EST
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Iván Posada, the chief executive of the company Mass Transit that is responsible for the operation of the new Metro Bus system, downplayed the resignations of some of their bus drivers, saying everyone is free to decide whether or not they want to work for this brand new system in Panama. Posada said some of these people are bus owners now, or they have outstanding bills to pay (traffic tickets), and those are issues over which the bus company has no influence. He said the Metro Bus system is in it for the long haul, at at the same time he made a call to fill 2,800 vacancies. “There’s jobs,” he said.
Already 180 drivers have been hired who attended training courses at the INADEH. Posada said those who are interested can go to the company headquarters in the Los Pueblos Mall, can telephone 293-5800, access their website, or send an email to for information on how to register.

Posada praised the conditions of the Metro Bus while minimizing the inconvenience that occurred in Balboa Avenue when a bus shut down. The bus shut down when a security device kicked in, because a door sensor prevented the bus engine from starting. He confirmed that since the Metro Bus system started operating there have been several minor and unimportant incidents. Currently there are 120 buses operating on routes that use the Southern Corridor. More buses will be arriving on 9 January 2011. (TVN Noticias)

Editor’s Comment: The new buses can carry about 80 passengers each – some 30 sitting and about 50 standing. They are designed to be able to handle more passengers during “peak” hours, when one bus can carry as many passengers as two of the old “Red Devil” buses. The government of Panama is smart to do a slow and orderly phase-in of this new system, and to take the old buses off of the streets one at a time. Within a year or so there won’t be any of the old buses running around at all, and every bus in town will be these new Metro Bus units. This is a massive upgrade for the Panamanian mass transportation sector – a change that each of the last three presidents has tried to do and failed. Even if there are a few scraped knees and bloody noses along the way, I feel that overall this is a very good thing indeed. And, it’s been a long time coming. But you already know what’s going to happen, right? Eventually there will be an accident with one of these buses, and people who were standing will get hurt, and Martinelli will he held personally responsible (even if the driver is drunk or something like that.) Some kind of similar incident will occur – the details will vary but the overall scenario will be the same. Mark my word

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