1 experience/receiving mail from states in Panama

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Beware..receiving mail here via private carriers is a unique experience for most North Americans and a racket that even the Mafia would be proud of-even if you read all the fine print on their material there’s absolutely no guarantee you’ll find all of the charges so that you can even predict what something will cost. I’ve even asked the counter people to tell me exactly what something I just ordered a minute ago from their own computer will cost..the charges have never matched the prediction..they got close..but no cigar…don’t be fooled..monthly costs are not the end of the deal..For example, I recently received a 5lb package package from Airbox..it took almost 3 weeks to get it out of their bodega in Miami through aduana and into their office at Costa del Este ..with everything it came to about 4 dollars per pound-of course, they quote $1.00 per pound in all their material..but that’s just the freight..there’s always lots more charges..here’s a typical list of charges for one package:

freight by oz. or #
sales tax
fuel surcharge
aduana handling fees
aduana charge

They asked for an invoice..even though there was one inside..I sent one to them..they valued the item $15.00 more than I had paid for it.
Two managers couldn’t figure it out….no se senor, but you still have to pay the charges…and so I left it with them until they could explain it to me..of course, guess who lost at the waiting game? What can you do?

My typical book from Amazon runs about 8.50 to 10.00 per box..of course your carrier will blame aduana for cuttting the package too deeply and slicing your book..but hey..en que otro puede ir?

Aerocassilas charges about 2.25 per basic business letter..

Mail carriers here are like chili and cornbread…everybody has a favorite, everybody knows one that works best of all and everybody has had different experiences..there is one constant: while you live and learn their system…whoever you choose is going make some good money off you, until you hear yourself say..”nope, won’t do that again..I’ll charter my own damn plane.”

and..be careful who you give your address to or all that junk mail will get real expensive.

After dealing with this for several years now…and watching the cash just pour in from the expats who come and go.., I’m ready to join any member of the Corrleone family that wants to get into this business..

too bad about Fredo..

Best of luck..

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