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Panama Television Reverses Roles with American TV

Television in Panama is modern; this isn’t black and white, three local stations and bad selection of programs. Maybe that was Panama’s history, but it isn’t the present and for sure won’t be the future. It will be said in history, Panama’s 21st Century television was equal with its counterpart in the US.

Historically, Panama has fallen behind the US when it comes to technology, but as the end of the 20th Century arrived, so did Panama. Cell phones, the Internet and television were side-by-side with its American equivalent. For those living in the Republic of Panama, now is the time when television reverses roles with American TV.

American TV is loaded with channels; sports, music, news and movies. As Latin America has grown, there are even Spanish channels on American TV. Panama can make the exact same claims. Already thriving with many channels, Panama’s historic decision to extend more English-based channels to the foreigners living in this country has changed the countries TV industry. With several cable providers and even satellite TV, Americans living in Panama historically have more familiar options to enjoy than ever before.

You can catch American sporting events, news, movies and such on a variety of English-only channels. In fact Panama has more English-based channels than American has Spanish-only channels. This is ironic since over 15% of the population of the US is Latino. If historically Panama fell behind the US, it is no longer true with television. Cable and satellite providers in Panama offer more options, more channels and the do this while charging less for their service than their American counterparts.

For cable television, there are several companies throughout the country to choose. Two of the better known cable providers are:

Cable Onda – This is a large and well organized company. Like American cable companies, Cable Onda offers one-stop shopping for a number of services such as cable, Internet and digital phone service. The prices at Cable Onda are reasonable but the service times for installation notoriously slow. Foreigners living in Panama historically are permitted to have accounts with Cable Onda. For more on Cable Onda visit them on the Internet at
Astrovision – Astrovision is actually an American company, but it is operating very well in Panama. At the current time, Astrovision doesn’t offer the range of service as does Cable Onda, but it does offer excellent cable service to people who live outside of the Cable Onda service area. For more on Astrovision, refer to local phone listing for the number.
Direct TV – For those who prefer satellite TV, Direct TV is ready to serve. Direct TV has a full range of channels but seems to be more expensive than its cable counterpart. For those living in areas with historically limited Panamanian services (such as in the mountains), Direct TV is a great option. For more on Direct TV go to
For the first time in history, Panama has reversed the roles on its American counterparts, offering a wide range of services to everyone at a reasonable price. Now there’s more to watch on TV than ever before in Panamanian history

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