Theft Of Statues

Former Administrator of Parque Omar Called To Trial For Theft Of Statues

Wednesday, June 29 2011 @ 11:33 AM COT
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For the crime of embezzlement against the State, the Special Judge in charge of the Second Criminal Circuit Court of Panama, Yolanda Gomes Ramos, called Mingthoy Giro and Domingo Varela Tie to trial. They were called to trial for their involvement in the theft of the statues that were part of the sculpture entitled the “Games of Yesteryear,” which disappeared from the Omar Torrijos Park, when the statues were stored on the park grounds and the park was under Giro’s administration. In addition, there are six other defendants including Jaime Jahir Tapia Salgado, Héctor Del Cid, Máximo Moró Moreno, Rolando Vásquez, Eric Abdiel Murillo and Marco Alexis Aparicio, who have been charged with criminal proceedings for the crime of the theft of state property. Informed of this decision, Giro said she is not surprised and that she was waiting for it, given the state of the judicial system in Panama. (Telemetro)

Mingthoy Giro

Editor’s Comment: A couple of years ago there was a big scandal in the press over these missing statues. During the administration of Mireya Moscoso the government of Panama hired the Colombian artist Hector Lombana to create these “Games of Yesteryear” statues out of bronze, that were originally supposed to decorate the entrance to the new museum being built with money donated from Taiwan. Mireya Moscoso also built a huge statue to her deceased husband Arnulfo Arias, on the grounds of the former DENI building in Ancon. To put it bluntly, the PRD and the administration of Martin Torrijos simply hated these bronze statues with a passion. They were taken down and hauled in pieces to a storage facility in the Omar Torrijos park, and the investigation indicates they were eventually sold as scrap metal. Of course all of this was done on verbal orders, probably from the former First Lady to her confidant Giro. Anyway, now the case is going to trial. I wonder how much they got for the bronze..

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