Interesting comments from an expatrate

Oh Yes, Panama is a very prudent place too live!
Panamanian Immigration or I should say the Martinelli Panamanian Government now only wants high end very loaded with money types to immigrate or retire here in Panama!
They no longer want retirees on miserly SS, VA, or any other type of what they consider low end retirements(You will see a lot more rejections for North Americans)!
If you read between the lines about small businesses here and how the Martinelli Panamanian Government is putting a lot of new needless restriction on most small businesses such new digital cash and POS units($1000.00) tied directly to the Government.
New restrictions on All small motels, B&Bs, and guest houses(except push buttons).
The deliberate closing down of the local produce vendors in all area of Panama city metropolitan area(some have been in the same spot for over twenty years).
The shift to his Political Party Run Jumbo Food fairs, which are woefully under stocked and very inconvenient to the majority of Panamanians who really need these low prices to survive.
Yes, your mileage will vary!
This Martinelli Panamanian Government is in the process of buying off, paying off, and eliminating any competitors to his vision of how Panama will be!

It looks like the Pensionado Visa the other Resident Visa programs are about to go through massive changes in the amount of retirement funds you have at your disposal, the amount of money that you plan to invest into a apartment, house, or Finca and other personal investments property!

Of Course this might all be speculation and conjecture on my part!

After conferring with a few Panamanians who seem to have a good pulse on what is happening legally, illegally, and politically here, this and many other harsh measures and changes are in the pike!

Not just those on the Pensionado Visa, but all those who reside and live in Panama.

Time will tell?

Yes, your mileage will vary!

“Panama where the numbers never add up”

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