Lawmaker Ricardo Valencia Jumps to other party

Lawmaker Ricardo Valencia Jumps From Panameñista to CD Political Party – CD Needs Just Three More

Friday, August 19 2011 @ 06:51 PM COT
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Ricardo Valencia, a Deputy in Panama’s National Assembly from the Panameñista political party who represents Arraiján as the youngest person elected in 2009, has abandoned his party to join the Cambio Democratico party. Sources say the change happened on Wednesday. Valencia, the son of the former lawmaker Argentina Arias, who today is a legislative counsel, changed to the political party of President Ricardo Martinelli at a time when the two parties are facing off over the issue of proposal for a second round of voting in national elections. His former colleagues in the Panameñista party, Jose Isabel Blandon, Luis Eduardo Quirós, and José Luis Varela criticized him as a turncoat. “The turncoat: symbol of the moral crisis of our society. Outraged by the immoral practice of politics is an ethical imperative,” mused Blandon. He went even further, saying “The issue is not just switching political parties, that is not bad by itself. Motivation is important. If you just go to the highest bidder, that’s serious.” Quiros said in politics there are those who put the interests of the people first, and others who put their own personal interests first. Varela, the former President of the National Assembly and the brother of Juan Carlos Varela, who aspires to be the presidential candidate in 2014, wrote: “Good jump!”.
With this change the CD is easily the strongest party in the National Assembly with 33 Deputies. The Panameñista party is reduced to 19, but with Jorge Ruben Rosas of the MOLIRENA they are 20 in total. (La Estrella)

Editor’s Comment: There are a total of 71 Deputies in the National Assembly of Panama. Of those, Ricardo Martinelli can now count on 33 guaranteed votes. The magic number is 36 – with three more they will have absolute control and can force through whatever they want, over the bitches and complaints of both the Panameñistas and the PRD. Go figure. And without a doubt, the checkbooks are coming out. Martinelli will pull out all the stops to get this second round of voting thing through, and money will be no object because this strategy will practically guarantee the CD will keep control from 2014 – 2019.

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