n case you don’t want to bother downloading the info on how to submit your 7162, here it is:


I called the SSA International Desk and got the following information about how SS recipients living in Panama can get their benefits restored as quickly as possible if the benefits are frozen because of failure to file the SS 7162 form every year:


There are four ways you can do this:

1. You can fill out and sign the form and send it to the local embassy and they will forward it to the international desk. However, although there is a “paperless system” wherein embassies can send this kind of document direct by (non public) fax number to the international desk, a lot of embassies do not use this system and prefer to use snail mail. This can substantially delay the receipt of benefits.

2. You can mail the form to the SSA international desk using the address given on their website (the reliability of this depends solely on the reliability of mail in the country from which it is being sent). (I certainly do not recommend this option…)

3. You can send the signed form via fedex or DHL to their special non-PO box “courier” street address, which is:
Social Security Administration
Office of International Operations
1718 Woodlawn Drive
Baltimore, Maryland 21207

**NOTE: If you do this, you can use a fast print-to-deliver service like www.mimeo.conm

4. You can FAX the form to the international desk using the following fax numbers:

If the last 2 digits of your social security number is 00 to 16: 410-965-5882
If the last 2 digits of your social security number is 17 to 32: 410-966-6782
If the last 2 digits of your social security number is 33 to 49: 410-965-8054
If the last 2 digits of your social security number is 50 to 66: 410-965-9409
If the last 2 digits of your social security number is 57 to 82: 410-966-5552
If the last 2 digits of your social security number is 83 to 99: 410-966-1042

These fax numbers are not published anywhere, so print and save them.


Jen told me that once the international desk has “received the form into the work flow” it will take approximately one month for the benefit deposits/checks to resume. You will be paid retroactively whatever amounts were withheld once the deposits resume.

NOTE that this 30 day period does not begin to run UNTIL THE FORM HAS BEEN RECEIVED AND ENTERED. If you are sending it to the US Embassy you must add whatever time it take them to get the form to the International desk in the USA.

I asked her why the US embassy demands that the forms be mailed as well as faxed. She said that this requirement is not one imposed by SSA, since if it was, they wouldn’t accept the forms by fax either. She said that they have no control over rules and procedures utilized by the embassy.

Note: If you do not have a netfax account and no way to fax the form in a way that guarantees proof of receipt, you can also an upload-to- print-and-deliver service like and have them deliver it to the courier (non PO box) address. Mimeo uses fedex, hence the need for a non PO Box address, but you can choose one of the economy methods.

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  1. Joseph Loyal says:

    I’m receiving my SSDI benefits in the Philippines,and I’m just trying to find out how many 7162 forms will be mailed out to me each year,this will be my 3rd year to get benefits and I can’t recall if I have been getting them more than once a year?Do some people get them more than others? Thanks

  2. Susan Guberman-Garcia says:

    I am the person who wrote this article for my yahoo group, Panama Laws for Expats, based on an interview by phone with someone at the International Desk of the Social Security Administration. She was not sure whether the forms are supposed to be turned in every year or every other year, and she said that they may send them out yearly or maybe every other year. I explained that many people do not receive them at all and that’s what led to the discussion of the different ways they can be submitted. The most important point was that if you download the form rather than using the one specifically addressed to you (which will have your name and SSN on it already) make sure you include this information when you send in the completed and signed form, however you may send it. So to be on the safe side, you should probably do it every year, even though it MAY only be required once every other year. It may also be that some people get them yearly and other people get them every other year. Don’t wait for the form, use a downloaded version if you don’t receive “yours” by mail.

  3. I am currently living in Laos. The US Embassy offers no ACS services. They referred me to Manila. I know noone there to forward to me. Can I download Form 7162 and fa it Intenernational Operations in Baltimore? I have the right fax number for my last 2 digits. Do you think this will work?
    I have no idea where I will be when they senfd the Form. It took over 5 weeks to reach Philippines. Help! Robert Emmett Battles

  4. typos on “I know no one” an I left the “x” off of fax

  5. Priscilla says:

    Great info!!

    I can’t believe the SSA rep herself didn’t know the frequency of reporting required.

    Many thanks,


  6. barbara ellk says:

    For 7 years I have received my check now all of a sudden has be cut off and I don’t
    know why, I have mailed in the 7162 form to their Baltimore office and not have
    not hear a word back, it has been 3 months without a check and I am really hurtingright now for money. WHAT DO I DO I am going to print another form off and see
    what happens but I don’t have a clue where I am suppose to mail it too. I live in
    South Korea the mail here is really slow,

  7. Pudintame says:

    Barbara Ellk, did you mail it priority or registered mail with a tracking number? Fedex or DHL? If the mail system is slow like that then print up and fill out another form and mail it in a way that gives you a tracking number.
    Also, have you contacted the US embassy/Federal Benefits unit?
    “The U.S. Embassy in Seoul is not a Social Security claims-processing post. For social security claims and other questions, please contact:

    Social Security Administration
    1201 Roxas Boulevard
    Ermita, 0930 Manila

    Phone Number: (63)(2)301-2000
    Fax Number: (63)(2)708-9723/9714 ”

    Mail one to the Baltimore and one to the Wilkes Barr PA office:

    Social Security Administration
    PO Box 7162
    Wilkes Barre PA 18767-7162
    United States of America

    Hope this works for you.

  8. Sheetal Desai says:

    Hello, I have not received the form by mail yet. Usaually arrives in June. Can I simply print the form, fill it in and send it? I looked up the form from last year and it has some special numbers written on it. Do I need to worry about those form numbers or simply fill the online form and mail it to Baltimore?

    Please advise,

    thank you!

  9. Mike Kilpatrick says:

    Hi folks I’m living in Manila and in June I received the form (7162) in the mail, a few days later I filled it out completely and signed it I then faxed a copy to the number listed under my last four, that same day I sent via FedEx from Manila using the address Social Security Administration Office of International Operations 1718 Woodlawn Drive Baltimore Maryland 21207 it was delivered on within a days according to FedEx tracking system.

    So I’m wondering is the fax number and the address given here still good in lieu of the actual PO Box 7162 Wilkes Barrre PA 18767-7162?

    Today I received another form (7162) second notice, informing me that SSA did not receive my first one! Has this ever happen to anyone else out-there? I’m now going to the Embassy in Manila this time I hope they will get it any feed back would be great thank you.

  10. Don Buncie says:


    I have been informed by the SSA that the following address in Baltimore is no longer used by the Social Security Administration:

    SSA Office of International Operations
    1718 Woodlawn Drive
    Baltimore, Maryland 21207

  11. Enock says:

    Nice post. I took a psychology of geednr class at BYU and a former BYU student who is part of the evergreen group came and spoke to us about his views on being mormon and dealing with SSA. He had never lived a homosexual lifestyle and his standing in the church was good. He did tell us however that he has had SSA from a very young age and didn’t realize it was out of the ordinary until late in his teens. It was very informative and something that there needs to be more open discussion about among church members. People need to understand that this is something that some people are born feeling (this is debateable I know, but I think so) and that if we continue as church members to demonize SSA we are making people who are suffering have no place to turn. You can have SSA and be a member of the church. These members need support and to know that this is a trial in their lives that they can work through with support from the lDS community without judgment. Okay that was long, but it is an involved topic.

  12. rich says:

    This is the wrong address to send to Social Security Administration
    Office of International Operations
    1718 Woodlawn Drive
    Baltimore, Maryland 21207

    – the correct one is , Social Security Administration
    Office of International Operations
    P.O. Box 17769
    Baltimore, Maryland 21235-7769

  13. bill says:

    Has anyone received an appeal notice during this process of submitting the SSA 7162, and if so, how did this affect having benefits restored?

  14. Warren says:

    I received in the mail the 7162 form, I accidentally answer question #6 in the NO box, which i had to skip that question do I need to re do another one because of not skipping it. did anyone had this experience before? any suggestions?

  15. Alex Livadas says:

    Is there a phone number we call to check if the 7162 form has been received PO. Box 7162? Thank you

  16. Alex Livadas says:

    Is there a phone number we can call to see if the 7162 has been received at PO Box 7162?

  17. Aly kourah says:

    I live in Egypt and was told by the American embassy in Egypt the do not handle form 7162 any more and I have to send it myself to the office of international operations in usa. They gave me an address with Po box number and DHL will not handle mails with Po box. Can someone give a regular mail address not Po box one. My social security payments have stooped.

  18. ESSAM H. ELDEIB says:

    still need ssa to tell me how to mail my form with or without pobox by DHL

  19. ESSAM H. ELDEIB says:

    still need to know how to mail my form to ssa with or without by DHL

  20. Myla says:

    We used a private delivery service to mail the form. We didn’t encounter any problems. Here’s the physical address:

    Social Security Administration
    Data Operations Center
    Attn: SSA-7162 Process
    1150 E. Mountain Drive
    Wilkes-Barre, PA 18767-7162

  21. Hi I’m Faxing my 7162 Form to you:

    Social Security Administration
    PO Box 7162
    Wilkes-Barre, PA 18767-7162
    United States Of America

    instead of mailing it. I was living in the US but I’m now a Retired Teacher living in the Philippines & the cost of of a Registered letter from here to there is $20 so FAXING IS CHEAPER. Yes I’m receiving my Monthly Benefits as usual I’m just attempting to find a less expensive way to get that Form to you.

    Is this the correct FAX # for you or not so?
    Thank You


  22. The Form 7162 cannot be Faxed to:

    Social Security Administration
    PO Box 7162
    Wilkes-Barre, PA 18767-7162
    United States Of America

    They told me it can only be mailed

  23. Michael Ray says:

    1. So, can I send form 7162 by registered mail to PO Box 7162? Is there a special address for this?
    I live in Vietnam and I was told by the US Consulate and SS Manila to send the form by regular mail which I did but it will not be delivered. There is no regular mail here per se. The Consulate and SS Manila know this however that is the SOP from SS. There is no common sense or a system to change it for those who live overseas. The ladies in the Post Office were laughing.

    2. Since I mailed in the original form can I download another blank 7162 and send that by registered mail?
    Thank you


  24. Joe Gibbons says:

    I empathize with all of you who are unable to receive clear instructions and delivery address(es) for submitting your 7162 Form. I am working on a number of Soc Security-related projects and maybe some of you can help me with various questions.

    The firm I work for is responsible for helping its clients – mostly pension systems, banks, life insurance companies – locate policyholders to ensure that policy and/or pension benefits are properly paid. The US State Department notes they believe nearly 8.7 million US citizens reside abroad. Essentially, the same number of people who reside in the state of New Jersey.
    The State Department is required to publish a report on “unnatural deaths” of US residents. Over the past decade the number of “unnatural deaths” (eg. murder, suicide, motor vehicle accidents, drownings, falls and terrorism) has been fairly consistent at around 850 per year. They report the date, the locale and the cause. But, the State Department doesn’t seem to know or doesn’t care to know or share info on “natural deaths” among US citizens residing abroad. Given the age-adjusted, death rate in the States we project nearly 63,000 deaths per year in places outside the US and its territories. That’s a lot of folks and we have little evidence that those deaths are systematically reported to the US and to the states where these individuals were residing prior to living abroad.

    Can any of you shed any light on that? Are there ex-pat groups who might help us learn of US deaths. While those deaths may result in the termination of Social Security benefits or pension benefits, they may signal just as well the starting point for honoring beneficiary designations on life insurance policies and triggering benefit payments to spouses (including exes and/or dependent children benefits.

    Furthermore, if unintended payments are made over any length of time fraud may be attached to the recovery of such payments and use of those funds by people who may not know better or who do and may use the proceeds to harm the US.

    That’s a lot to consider, but absent death info there are lots of ramifications. Thanks for your help or thoughts.


  25. Jacquelyn R Charles says:

    I came to the U.S. to have an operation. I’ve been here almost 4 months so I missed my letter which came in October. Now I am trying to mail and fax multiple copies of the downloaded letter. I really appreciate the help because my check is due to be cut off March 3rd.

  26. Anyse Joslin says:

    Well, my usual month of reporting is coming in August. Usually, I send the 7162 form to the Wilkes Barr office each year. Now, I am 67 years old. Do I STILL have to do this if living outside of the US? The rules at the IRS are so unclear and Social Security gives me varying answers.

    Last year, no one knew ANYTHING about this!

  27. Enrique Gasparini says:

    It is Sept. ’18 I didn’t received the 7162 form from the SSA yet, two month ago I sent emails to the US embassies in Panama & Costa Rica, NEITHER ONE of them return my question about how to get this form. I called the embassy in C. Rica , no one answers the phone.
    Tomorrow I’ll call the SSA in Baltimore US, to check with them about it.
    What is going on with the US embassies, are they doing their jobs.. ??

    P.S : I know the embassy in Panama is not handling any more the SSA Dept. they direct you to the one in C. Rica, but in this case NEITHER ONE seems to be responsible of anything.
    We are paying our taxes for them to do their jobs correctly & in time.
    God Bless America.

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