One Killed, Two Injured In Shootout Near Multiplaza Mall in Punta Pacifica

Thursday, December 22 2011 @ 02:04 PM COT
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Mario Eusebio Barrios Calvo, 28, died yesterday in a shootout next to the traffic light at Punta Pacifica in the district of San Francisco. The shooting occurred at 6:45 pm. Barrios, who drove a white car, was running away from another driver who intercepted him at the traffic light. The car was hit in several places by gunfire. One of the passenger’s windows had seven bullet holes. Barrios was accompanied by 18 year old Moisés Ureña and 27 year old Alfredo Macline – both were shot in the abdomen and taken to the Hospital Emergency Room of the Santo Tomas hospital. Apparently, those involved belong to a street gang that operates on Calle 17 in Rio Abajo. Near the place an abandoned gray Mercedes Benz was found with several bullet holes.
Mario’s family members arrived at the scene, who reside in Rio Abajo. They collapsed when they heard their relative had died. Mario had a six month old baby who he had just registered yesterday morning in the Electoral Tribunal. His mother told El Siglo that her son was going to do some Christmas shopping at the Mutiplaza mall, located a few meters from where he was killed. The grieving woman said the car driven by her son belongs to some friends who were with him. At press time (10:30 pm) crime scene investigators and prosecutors remained at the scene gathering evidence. (El Siglo)

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