Panama’s Most Influential Foreigners

Panama’s Most Influential Foreigners – An Article By Matt Landau

Tuesday, June 19 2012 @ 04:15 PM COT
Contributed by: Don Winner
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By DON WINNER for – Anyone serving in the US military knows they can’t give you a bonus for hard work or professional success like private companies do in the real world, so instead they hand out “trinkets” – officially known as “awards and decorations” in the Air Force. Military personnel are recognized during award ceremonies all the time, and you tend to get accustomed to the recognition for hard work, especially when that’s all there is sometimes. After a 20 year military career I ended up with a “salad bar” that would make a Sizzler’s proud. But things are different in the civilian world after the military, and especially so here in Panama. I get the occasional positive feed back via email and that’s nice, but any sort of official recognition for hard work generally comes few and far between. So, I was surprised and honored to appear in Matt Landau’s recently published article “Panama’s Most Influential Foreigners”. Here’s the section of the article about me;
Name: Don Winner

Age: 50

Title: Owner,

Whether tracking down serial killers, translating local news articles, investigating mysterious diseases, or simply promoting beach mixers, Don Winner is the undisputed king of influence when it comes to foreigner-related current events in Panama.

Assigned to Panama in 1987 while serving in the US Air Force, Don decided to stay after retiring in 2000, working for several years as a contractor. When his contract ran out in July 2005, he started the website to provide timely and accurate news and information in support of the English speaking community of expats in Panama. Apart from homerun cameos on most major news stations in the US, Don’s bread and butter is connecting expats with things they should know about in a foreign land.

Boasting visitor numbers that reach upwards of 6 million, Don’s brainchild the Panama-Guide is a constantly updated feed of news and analyses from the foreigner perspective. His unabashed style has earned him a loyal following (and not to mention, plenty of enemies) so his influence is unrivaled when it comes to disseminating information or rooting for a particular cause.

Whether in business or retired, foreigners in Panama inevitably want Don Winner’s advice. In turn, this makes his opinion wielding as influential as they come.

The “Undisputed King of Influence” – Sort of catchy, eh? That exploding sound you just heard was my head. WTF Matt, trying to give me a cramp or something? So here’s you patting me on the back, and me using your patting to pat myself, so does that qualify as a “reach around?” (Just checking). Anyhoo, the assholes who consider themselves to be my enemies have all earned it, and I wear them like badges of honor. The killers who are in prison don’t like me very much either, but I still celebrate their demise. And I promise to use my “undisputed king of influence” powers only for good. Maybe I should get a cape or something … but I refuse to wear my underwear on the outside of my pants. It’s not happening. Please see Matt’s article to read about and celebrate the accomplishments of the other well deserving expats on his list – Trey Bohn, Lief Simon, Kimberly Hall, Lee Zeltzer,Kelly Berube de Caro, Jacob Ehrler, David Harmatz, Daniel Smetana, Daniel Saxe and David Henesy.

Copyright 2012 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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  1. Nikky says:

    SBueno, ya he vuelto de Zaragoza. Mis genes maf1icos se alaoorzbron al llegar a tierras maf1as. Me ha gustado mucho Zaragoza, sobre todo la Basedlica y la plaza del Pilar, y el redo y sus alrededores. Me acorde9 de ti y de este post cuando estuvimos en el redo (de noche, tirando piedrecitas desde la orilla), estaba precioso, con su espacio para pasear, sus puentes Tambie9n estuvimos en el Monasterio de Piedra: una pasada de la naturaleza.La expo, pues eso, tal como bien dices: curiosa, muy bien el mensaje (aunque creo que se pasan en el expecte1culo nocturno, es un poco desagradable), y preciosa la cabalgata del Circo del Sol. Pero tambie9n mucho calor y mucho cansancio, como ocurre en todas estas cosas.Saludos y besos.

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  7. Dieses Blog sollte sich wirklich dringend der Verbreitung der Ideen und Erkenntnisse der „Wiener Schule“ („Österreichische Schule der Nationalökonomie“) verschreiben! Mises und Rothbard sind unser Schicksal!

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