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This very useful information about the costs of blood tests in Panama was posted to Panama Forum. Definitely worth reading and saving.


My usa doctor wanted me to have some blood work done, wrote me a script for it..I went to labcorp and they were going to charge $600+. Needless to say I just said fkit and I will get it done in Panama. I went to 2 different labs in Panama with the docs orders and got quotes which both labs thought was odd, they both just kept trying to usher me into the back to get the blood drawn,,it seemed frustrating to them to give me the costs before services perfomed. One was $140 and the other was $125. In the case of the 125 the owner was wiling to come out and speak with me when asked. I told him I was willing to pay $99.99 (yes,I did go there) , and if he was willing to accept that he would get alot of repeat business from me. The man grimaced horribly, and with a very pissed off eyeroll gave me the “Si”. He immediatly took me in the back to personally draw my blood. At this point I am sure anyone would be, in their own mind, sorely regretting beating the guy up on the cost just moments before. The guy drew the blood so fast and efficiently it was astounding, and even while pissed, and at me to boot. I mean even the rusian judge gave this guy a perfect 10 for sticking the landing. Best

Now it was time to go back out to the receptionist , and pay the bill…Receptionist stops watching tv for a minute
and trys to write up a bill for the laundry list of individual tests
that made up the “blood work”. She finally gets it all sorted out and
gives me the bill and tells me $100 (was way to much effort to say
99.99). Almost all of the pana women sitting in this quazi waiting room let out a gasp at once. One of them, a distant neighbor gave me a
shitty look complete with a shitty comment under her breath basically
saying I was an idiot to pay that much and I was going to drive up the
prices for her if I did.

What she did not, and probably could not understand is that the work
being done was prescribed by an american doctor not a panamanian
doctor…The work was extensive and meant to be a baseline on about
everyflippin thing you can immagine and some you probably have never
heard of. She has probably only ever got her cholesterol tested in the
past 10-20 years and thinks that is what a blood test is, and a blood
test should only cost $15 (the cost of cholesterol test only).

Skip forward 3-4 years

I now, with some regularity, get some or all of that work done to
monitor my own health. I order the tests myself, no doc needed. I
absolutly love having the freedom to monitor my own health. Mr blood
guys prices have virtually not changed in 4ish years.

Here are a few simple tests and associated costs. If a place is higher
then its possible you are paying the gringo tax or for some of that
marble floor and indoor water feature overhead. If you find lower, well maybe I am paying the gringo tax.

Colesterol LDL,HDL $15
Trigliceridos $6
Creatinina $4
BHC $5
Bilirubinas total y FX $10
Proteinas Total Y FX $10
Urea $4
G.O.T $5
G.P.T. $5
F.Alcalina $5
Gamma G.P. $5

Again, these are just some quoted prices on some fairly common blood
tests for anyone who wants a baseline on price for their own purposes.
AKA if you ask how much a cholesterol blood test is and some place tells you its $50, prolly best you leave that place as they apparently have a desire for the contents of your wallet. And if they will bite you on that, prolly a good bet they are gona bite you on everything else.

My apologies for the long post, but to be honest, I would have LOVED to have had all this info myself 4.5 years ago so thought it worthwile.

Pay it forward people


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