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Real Estate Prices in Clayton to Double … Again?

Monday, March 04 2013 @ 03:06 PM EST
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Construction progress on the new UN Regional Hub in Clayton Panama is now fully underway, with two crews working around-the-clock shifts on the project, due for completion in 2015. Panama residents, especially those who live in the Clayton neighborhood can remember what happened back in 2006 when the United States announced their new Clayton Embassy location. We all watched prices on land double in Clayton almost overnight, along with five residential projects starting construction at the same time. Most of those new projects have been completed, along with three internationally credited schools.
All eyes are on Clayton at this moment and in particular the construction site that will house over 700 full time UN workers spread across 17 organizations including UNICEF, the World Food Program, the UN International strategy for disaster response, and the World Health Organization, among others. The project, or “hub” as it is being called, will consist of 17,500m² of office space and common services, such as an auditorium, cafeteria, restaurant, day care facility, library, gym, travel agency and bank.

UNOPS Regional Director for Latin America and Caribbean, Maria Noel Vaeza, thanked the government of Panama for their support and said: “As a green building on a green site, the UN Regional Hub in Panama is the first of its kind in the world. It offers a unique opportunity for the UN to raise the bar and set an example both within and outside of the UN, achieving a major step in UN system coherence and effectiveness.”

Sustainable construction – The new hub aims to lead the way in terms of carbon neutrality, sustainability and increased UN integration and effectiveness. It is designed to be a unique model of good practices in the implementation of sustainable construction in the Latin-American region and at a global level. It is CO2 neutral, energy positive and water self-sufficient.

The construction is expected to cost $38 million and will be funded by the government of Panama. Pricing on homes for sale in Clayton Panama are expected to see a jump once the hub nears completion and workers look to relocate.

Interested in real estate in the Clayton area that may benefit from this all of this new construction? This home for sale in Clayton is literally the closest available property to the new HUB and was just listed by Panama Equity in February.

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