Canal Through Nicaragua Must Be Analyzed To Avoid Ecological Damage

ACP Says Canal Through Nicaragua Must Be Analyzed To Avoid Ecological Damage

Monday, June 10 2013 @ 04:33 PM EDT
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A canal through Nicaragua is an “ambitious project”, which should be analyzed carefully to prevent ecological damage, said the Deputy Administrator of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), Manuel Benitez.
“The environmental experts recommend great caution and an environmental impact analysis to determine if it is really viable,” said Benitez in a press conference.

Currently, a legislative committee from the Nicaraguan Congress is consulting the feasibility of the construction of a deep-water canal between the Atlantic and the Pacific, proposed by the Chinese company HK Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Co., Limited.

Benitez said the proposed canal is a competition for the Panama Canal, situation that has to be analyzed at the right moment.

However, he said they must take into account that Panama has β€œthe experience and is a known route.” (Prensa)

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