Documentation Required To Enter Panama

This is what the overpriced Ministry of Tourism website has to say about the entry requirements to enter Panama, HERE:

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Documentation Required To Enter Panama
When entering the country, you must show the following documents to the Inspector of the National Office of Immigration and Naturalization:

• Passport with visa, valid for at least 6 months (if necessary)
• International boarding card, properly completed
• Tourism Card or Visa, authorized accordingly.
• Fare or return trip ticket to home country or next destination.
• Required financial solvency, should not be less than five hundred balboas ($500.00) or its equivalent in credit card, bank reference, letter of employment or travelers checks, in addition to an additional amount, according to nationality. (Resolution 1017 bis of March 22, 2000).

Note that your “return ticket” can be to either home country OR your next destination. And, you can satisfy that requirement by showing that you have the “fare” (money to buy) the requisite exit modality, such as a bus ticket or shuttle ticket).

Note also that some of these requirements are not applicable to visa waiver country tourists (most first world countries and many others), such as the requirement for a “visa or tourist card.” Visa waiver countries don’t require visas and the tourist card has been eliminated as of a couple years ago. The reference to “authorized” is because people from certain countries (mostly developing world countries, such as in Africa and Asia) need pre authorized visas to enter Panama, some of them have shorter time limits and require more proof of finances than demanded of tourists from visa waiver countries. These are not likely to apply to many people in this group, and if it applies to you, you should know about it already;

Here again…if there is some new requirement that all tourists must leave Panama solely by air and and only to their home country, where’s the proof? I still call bullshit on these non existent “requirements.”

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