The president said the opposition never faced the people and said “in four years we’ve done more than what they did in 40.”

Martinelli Says People Who Were Catcalling Him Were Paid

Sunday, November 10 2013 @ 10:39 PM EST
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Politics”I feel very happy because we’ve changed this country. All the opposition does is lie, they keep saying I was going to reelect myself and we have a candidate. I’m not running for anything, and they have continued telling lies to their media, many times. Making reckless accusations.”
President Ricardo Martinelli gave this statement during the ceremony at La Villa de Los Santos, celebrating 192 years of the Cry of Independence in 1821.

The president said the opposition never faced the people and said “in four years we’ve done more than what they did in 40.”

“And they had the same money (State funds), the deal is that they have the money in their pockets,” said Martinelli.

Martinelli said “none of these politicians have businesses, none of them work and all of them live better than you and make politics.”

Where is the money? The money, in this government, is clearly seen and is in the works and since they can’t criticize the works, they criticize the costs. They never even made works at all, he said.

“They steal the money, always lie, and will continue lying… I leave on June 30 (2014) with a new country, a different country,” he said.

Martinelli said if they want to go back to the past, “there’s the opposition, with the same names and they are the same thing.”

Catcalling and indecent

Last Wednesday, outside of the new facilities of the Electoral Tribunal, in Curundú, a group from the opposition and the civil society attended a vigil against the ruling from Thursday, October 31, issued by Alejandro Moncada Luna, president of the Third Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, which annulled the decision of the TE of suspending the commercial from “Panamá Avanza” against Juan Carlos Navarro for considering it was violating the right to freedom of expression. People were also catcalling and chanting slogans against the president, who was participating at the main ceremony.

“Here, they would even catcall the Pope; people in this country has confused liberty with licentiousness. They are paying people, how many were there? Three people? Here in the Electoral Tribunal everyone has received something,” he said.

He also said “I could’ve sent a thousand people,” however, he said twice: “I am not in this.”

“We need to raise the political debate, the decency, because all these politicians from the opposition are too indecent,” he said.

He said the people who were protesting outside the Electoral Tribunal are financed by people and candidates from other parties who do not want the “change” such as social programs like 120 at 70, Opportunities Network, Guardian Angel, the Universal Scholarship, the roads, the new hospitals.

Outside the Electoral Tribunal, people like Ana Matilde Gómez, Esmeralda de Troitiño, Gerardo Solís, Mariano Mena, Oreste Del Río, Carlos Rubio, Juan Carlos Navarro (for a while), Idalia Martínez, Balbina Herrera, Juan Jované, Esteban Rodríguez, Aurelio Barría, Raisa Banfield, Jorge Gamboa Arosemena, and others, were protesting.

“Hit me, for I am a true man, don’t hit the works,” said the president, approximately three days ago at an official ceremony. (Estrella)

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