Retire (Or Not) To The Beach in Pedasi, Panama

Retire (Or Not) To The Beach in Pedasi, Panama

Wednesday, April 30 2014 @ 12:15 PM EDT
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Real EstateBy Kent Davis for Panama Equity – There are two types of people who move to Pedasi: Those who THINK they are going to retire and those who actually do fully retire! The reality is that life in Pedasi is as busy or as laid back as you make it, and many who are initially thinking about retiring end up starting a small, part time business because they either recognize a need or cant really just STOP working completely.
The interesting things about Pedasi is that it’s a microcosm of what’s going on across a number of small growing towns in Panama, and this story is replicated in places like Coronado, Boquete, and Santa Catalina as well Panama City.

One thing all of the new comers have in common is that they are driving demand for new products and services. Foreign residents are bringing their own experiences and know-how to enrich and broaden the local offering and finding eager clients in both locals and foreigners.

Some of our clients have ended up pursing business ventures that they would never have thought of because the beauty is that in Pedasi, while there are plenty of restaurants, small shops, and service providers, there’s always room for a new idea, especially as more people move to the area.

A great example is the Hostal Villa Libera, which is owned by a young Italian couple who came to Pedasi four years ago. They had always wanted to own an Italian restaurant and found an inexpensive spot just outside of town and decided that this was where they were going to plant their flag. Today Villa Libera offers lodging and their famous wood fired oven pizzas, and business is good!

If you are looking for a good sourdough loaf (where there was none to be found prior), Panaderia Pedasi delivers, and they are located in the center of town. The owner is a Canadian who loves to bake and she offers a different lunch menu everyday. A variety of sandwiches, salads and pasta are also served, all using fresh ingredients. You can pair these up with a fresh fruit juice and a phenomenal raspberry cheesecake for dessert. Again, good luck finding a raspberry cheesecake in Pedasi prior to 2013…

Fancy some Mexican? You can´t miss Mantarayas in Playa Venao. American owner Owen who moved to Panama almost ten years ago and ran one of the most famous Mexican restaurants in Coronado decided that Venao was the perfect spot for a new venture. Offering a small tasty menu and super fresh ingredients, Mantarayas has become THE spot for surfers and visitors to Panama’s laid back Playa Venao. You will find them right behind El Sitio.

The Beach Break Hotel & Surf Camp is the latest beachfront addition to the lodging options in Playa Venao. The place was built by an Israeli and the location boasts 14 beachfront rooms with a/c, hot water and WiFi. Guests appreciate the gorgeous view of the bay from the pool and beachfront bar while cooling off with an ice cold Panama. If you are up for trying the world famous surf break of Playa Venao, you can sign up for one of their surf camp packages with lessons taught by professional instructors.

One of the things that make the Pedasi area so special is the number of activities available, and for the longest time there was a large shortage of tour operators and guides. In fact, there still is… One of the big developers in town, who are also from Israel, created Pedasi Tours, an agency that makes enjoying these activities more simple. They are located on the main street of Pedasi and manage flight bookings in and out of Pedasi through Air Panama as well as car rental through Thrifty.

Visitors can rent one of their bikes and ride around town or book a tour including a folkloric visit to the town of Guarare where you can learn to make a traditional leather sandals called “cutarras.” They also arrange whale watching tours, surfing lessons, or villa rentals in the area.

The above are just a few examples of the types of businesses that have opened up in Pedasi in the last 12 months, but there are many, many more and just as important, many that would be a success!

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