Crisis In The PRD Worsens

Crisis In The PRD Worsens: Doens Demands Navarro’s Resignation, Again

Tuesday, June 03 2014 @ 12:56 PM EDT
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PoliticsThe leader of the PRD political party Mitchell Doens is not laying off, and he again criticized the party’s current Secretary General Juan Carlos Navarro, who he said should step aside after the “resounding defeat” during the May 4th general elections, during which the PRD finished in a historically low third place.
“I’m asking Juan Carlos Navarro and Robinson to go, because they are the causes of the defeat,” said Doens on Radio Panama.

“This gentleman lost miserably, so he should hand over the leadership of the party,” he added.

Furthermore, Doens said he is concerned about the party’s future, saying “we must seek a solution for the party” because “a political party without discussion does not advance,” he added.

“I think the reality is that we are in crisis in the PRD ,” he said, and stressed that “the PRD is in a crisis of management and concept.”

Dones criticized Navarro’s recent activities, leading the negotiations with the fledgling government that will be lead by president-elect Juan Carlos Varela, starting from the first day in July.

“Navarro said he accepts the defeat but he continues to do things, as if nothing has happened,” said Doens.

“I do not agree with the negotiations (being carried out) with the future government, as if nothing has happened,” he said.

“The interests of the Nation are above those of Varela,” said Doens.

Finally, the PRD leader echoed the complaints of the former candidate for Mayor of Panama City, José Luis Fabrega, who has alleged that the leaders of the PRD political party worked against him during the campaign, asking people to vote for the Panameñista candidate Jose Isabel Blandon , who eventually won the election.

“Things are clear, the accusations being made by Fábrega are serious,” said Dones. (Panama America)

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