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Just a day after i posted and emailed,  all the owners about trying to get voluntrees to help out temporary until the new board is elected in November, we get this email from ? who ?
and they want to change” by laws” ? and hold a meeeting in ” December” instead of November as required by the by laws, why Dec ?   just who wrote this email, there no signature on it ? they get to us the constant contact list, when our only board member that didn’t resign, has no access to it, why ?

just some questions i had ? any comments

victor dallari

P.H. Complejo Hab. Brisas Del Mar Newsletter

Soon it will be time for the Condo Association Meeting. We will meet in December in order elect a new Condo Association Board and vote on several items including: changing the bylaws, approving the budget, and changing one of the restroom buildings by the pool into a condo management office. (a management company making rules again) budget submitted with no owners overlooking the process.
we need line item voting on the following items for sure:
1. all un-necessary group items to be eliminate from the annual budget. (IE, group Internet,group hotel  membership fees, etc. etc. ) these 2 items alone removes $27000 out of our annual budget. they only benefit a few currently.
2. if owners wish these non necessary services, then let them contract for them and pay for them on an individual basis.
3. ask for an owner to be the administrator, manager, and book keeper for this small 42 unit project for $1500 a month, any retired accountants, bookkeepers, need to subliment there monthly income.
4. have the association hire there on 2-3 employees to work just for the association. Many PH in Panama City do this ? why can we not ?
5. what happen to our audit for day one ?

Royal Sands has agreed to manage the condos until December 31, 2010. As of January 1, 2011, a new condo management company will need to be hired so they can begin management of the condos.

Please let us know which of the following dates in December are best for you to attend the Condo Association Meeting (either in person or by proxy):

December 4
December 11
December 18

Please email your choice to

It is important to be thinking about who you want to nominate to the board. We will ask for nominations in early November, 2010.


phbrisas del mar
P.H. Complejo Hab. Brisas Del Mar